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230W Moving Head Beam Light - RS-BL23016
Detail Info

Model No.: RS-BL23016

Product: 230W Moving Head Beam Light

Voltage: AC100-240V / 50-60Hz
Rated power: 350W
Light source: Osram Lamp/ YODN Lamp
Ballast: electronic Ballast
Temperature: 8500 K Lamp life: 2000 H
Motor: 13 Mute stepper motor
Color: 14 colors + white + rainbow effect
Gobo: 17 gobos + white + rainbow effect
Prism: Rotating 8 prism, bi-directional rotation with positioning function, 0-100% prism linear regulator
Fog: the foggy effect, 0-100% linear regulator
Dimmer: 0-100% linear regulator
Strobe: double-chip flash, variable strobe effect (0.5 – 10 times/sec)
Rotation angle: Pan: 540 degree, Vertical: Tilt: 270 degree
Beam angle: 0-3.8 degree, zoom.
Control: international standard DMX512 signal, 3 core, dmx512 interface.
Channel: 16 channels
Display: Chinese and English LCD display
Feature: Built-in a variety of lighting effect program, can be separated from the console, voice and synchronization.
Optical system: high-precision quartz lens combination, lead the light loss rate to minimize.
Protection: IP20

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George Leung
George Leung
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