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Master 4096 Lighting Console - RS-C4096
Detail Info

Model No.: RS-C4096
Product: Master 4096 Lighting Console

Up to 4096 DMX channels. With 6 individual optical isolated DMX outputs and 2 Net-work interfaces.

Maximum 400 Units for patching all kinds of Fixtures.

Fixtures within 80 channels are available.

10.4"TFL-LCD touch screen displays in Chinese/English. Offer a VGA interface for external monitor connection to display more edited information.

Up to 720 Playbacks, controlled by 24 Playback faders × 30 pages. 4 Optical Encoders.

Up to 400 Groups.

Up to 400 Presets.

Shortcut area provides a quick way for selecting Fixtures, Groups, Presets or Shape Effects.

Color-mix system provides a color palette for users to control fixtures with RGB or CMY channels conveniently.

Shape Generator provides various effects, such as Circle,

Provide over 8000 System Libraries. Enable users to edit System Library or create Custom Library.

Support multiple DMX network protocols. DMX 512 signal can be transmitted over network.

Freely download Upgrade Version and System Library.

An internal electronic disk allows user to backup datum.

USB interface allows users to backup shows in external disk.

Music trigger function.

Blackout function.

Provide MIDI in and out interfaces to connect and work with other consoles.

Option: 12V auxiliary light.

Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz.

Size: 650mm × 490mm × 130mm.

Net weight: 13Kg approx.



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George Leung
George Leung
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