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Pearl 2010 Lighting Console - RS-C2010
Detail Info

Model No.: RS-C2010

Product: Pearl 2010 Lighting Console

Working voltage: AC110V-240V/50-60HZ

240 computer lamp

240 dimmer channel

Built in 320 × 240 display and an external VGA to display alloperational change four photoelectric isolating independent drive signal output port Theater Mode and replaying function

Preset graphic and diffusion model

15 repeat function, fader control 450 term memory, program and CUE field list with 320 × 240 display and an external VGA display all changes in operation with high, low, voice and MIDI trigger function

Standard VGA color output

4DMX XLR connector output panel

More than 3000 kinds of light library files, more than 1000 performances file, movable external disk storage, storage more than 3000 lamp base

2048 channel, graphic survival device, can be quickly generated graphics

With the information available through the USB for backup andloading

With Ethernet connections, with air box

Effectively prevent the misoperation built-in world famous lampbase is more convenient to use the built-in 120 procedures

Effective support site offers a special effects

Audio input edge connector: XLR-D3F × 2 professional work lights, suitable for indoor and outdoor performances using eachcontrol station are respectively independent electronic serial number, the console is also carved with metal sequence number, increase the stolen console sales difficulty

The default material lets you create and retain the built-inpalette


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George Leung
George Leung
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